At Maynard Brown we help investors in finding the best yielding investments.  

How it works

Step 1. Enquire – All we need are some basic details of the type of property you are looking for.

Step 2. Free Consultation– We will then have a member of the team give you a call to help determine the best type of property suited to you and the type of return you can expect. We’ll discuss which area may be best suited to you. (Bradford or Birmingham)

Step 3. Sourcing– Upon having the consultation and paying a sourcing deposit, we will be able to begin sourcing your property whilst you sit back and relax – we’ll even do a comprehensive viewing on your behalf.

Step 4. Hassle Free Income – Once you’ve completed on the property suited to you, we will take over the project management of the property and get it into a rental ready condition. We’ll then manage the property for you making it a completely hands free investment,

Why choose us?


Specialist Sourcing – We are specialists in Social Housing in Birmingham & Bradford and can find properties that work best for this strategy.

Social Housing Contracts– We supply long term social housing contracts that are government backed.

Low Fees, High Quality – We are very competitive with our fees only charging £3,000 or 2% whichever is the higher.

Project Management– A dedicated project manager allocated to deal with any refurbishments or works on the property.

Exclusive Deals – We often have access to both repossessions and off market property deals.

Discounted Deals – Our deals are always negotiated to the best possible prices. You wont find them on portals selling at the prices we have negotiated.

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